Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Letter from June 26, 2012

G'Day Mates!
I am writing this week from Gulfport, MS because of transfers. Love it here. This past week may or may not have been terrible. It started off with the passing of my grandpa and ended with me being pretty sick with some crazy strain of Bronchitis and the work has been super slow as a result, but I am getting better and this next week looks promising!! Fun fact - they have me taking some medicine so strong that it is used to kill Anthrax. Woohoo!! Love you mom haha.
The only good news from this week was that when tracting we ran into a less-active part-member family who was not on the records. We have spent a lot of time with them, and we are starting to build a great relationship of trust. Just yesterday we helped tutor one of their grandkids for his test, and man, it was a blast. Who would have thunk that doing math with a kid could be so fun?? We have a dinner appointment with the whole family later this week, and that should be very telling as to the future of the relationship.
Also, we had Stake Conference this past week, and it was President Tucker's last Sunday in the mission. Let's just say his talk was the most powerful and moving remarks I have ever heard, hands down. Missionaries were crying because it was so good. He centered his remarks on how life isn't fair, but that through the atonement the injustices of life can be made so. He shared a story about a young family who last their father in a tragic accident and how their situation was sorted out and made "fair" as they exercised the atonement in their lives. It was a sweet reminder in light of the recent loss in my family that the atonement is very real, and can be very active in each of our lives IF we have the faith to let Christ in. The talk was the best spiritual medicine I could have asked for.
Well, like I said, this week really didn't have much because of illness, but that's the highlights (minus moving a mattress on top of a car without ropes, so we used our hands as restraints. Redneck moment for sure. People were actually taking pictures of us. Hopefully I can send one on with the baptisimal ones soon!) I love you all, and hope you have an amazing week!
Elder Thomas

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